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April Fools are paying 4 times the price.

QTP – DB25

QTP-DB25M               Male
QTP-DB25M - Face 3:4
QTP-DB25M+             Male + Shield
QTP-DB25F                 Female
QTP-DB25F - Face 3:4
QTP-DB25Y                 Yamaha Male
QTP-WBS                    WBS-High Density Breakout  – TBA NAB-2015


QTP-BOB-XLR-F           Female

QTP-BOB-XLR-M         Male
QTP-BOB-XLR-FM       Female / Male

QTP-BOB-XLR-MF       Male / Female
QTP-BOB-BNC             AES / SPDIF
QTP-BOB-BNC10         AES / SPDIF w/ 10dB pad


QTP-XX-*-XLR-F           Female
QTP-XX-*-XLR-M         Male4-1QTP-5-2-M 

QTP-XX-*-XLR-FM       Female / Male
QTP-XX-*-XLR-MF       Male / Female

2-2QTP-XX-*-PHNX           PHOENIX

3-1QTP-XX-*-TRS              Tip Ring Sleeve

QTP-XX-* -U                 User-terminated
XX = Cable Length (ft)   3, 5, 15, 30
*  = Tail Length (ft) 1, 2, 3, 4

QTP – Kits

QTP-CAT6-KEY              Keystone Termination
QTP-HSK-1                    1’ Heat Shrink Kit
QTP-HSK-2                    2’ Heat Shrink Kit


QPNL-3-DB25               2RU ¼ Panel
QPNL-4-DB25               2RU ¼ Panel

QTP AES 110Ω to 75Ω SPDIF BNC over Quad Twisted Pair!



Some more Quad Twisted Pair results are in using custom wound transformers found in the renown Ward-Beck Systems  IMP series.

We’re finding an insignificant Jitter of less that 200 pico seconds across the spectrum at a clock speed of 192Khz, making QTP perfect for the transmission of digital AES signals up to 192Khz.  More to come!   Screenshot 2015-03-16 17.23.46
Screenshot 2015-03-16 17.36.04

Tristan Miller vs 1000 feet of Quad Twisted Pair

We were lucky enough to have Tristan Miller of Catherine North Audio over for the day to give Quad Twisted Pair an examination.  Tristan is an Electronics Technician with a comprehensive background in Electrical systems being a licensed Electrician.  Having implemented over a thousand channels of QuadTwisted Pair in his recording studio(s), he has been a great influence of the ideas surrounding implementation and execution.   His understanding of Electrical and audio systems is like no other.   He came armed with a brand new 1000 foot box of CAT5e Quad Twisted Pair cable to play with.  Along with repeating our original tests, some new tests were conducted to compliment our original findings.

We let Tristan drive the Audio Precision 2700 so all  tests results were independently confirmed:
2015-03-05 15.37.41 Continue reading Tristan Miller vs 1000 feet of Quad Twisted Pair