QTP: Quad Twisted Pair

General QTP

[1] QTP - Proper Electrical Grounding

[2] QTP - How to?

[3] QTP - Connection Standards

[4] QTP - Examples

[5] QTP - with studio hub

the 10 Q-mandments

[6] 1. Thou shalt not violate National, regional, or local electrical code

[7] 2. Thou shalt not connect QTP devices to network switches, hubs, or network interface cards

[8] 3. Thou shalt Not bend solid core QTP less than four times the outer diameter

[9] 4. Thou shalt use T-568B termination and channel order - Sun, Sky, Grass, and Earth

[-] 5. Thou shalt not use quasi balancing techniques - all signals must be differentially balance

[-] 6. Thou shalt not implement QTP Without Examining Level Of nearby magnetic fields

[-] 7. Thou shalt not use QTP for microphone Level transmission

[-] 8. Thou shalt not use QTP for headphone or speaker transmission

[-] 9. Thou shalt not ground both ends of shielded QTP

[-] 10. Thou shalt not be sceptical

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