AES59 to AES72 Adapters – QTP – D-Sub to RJ45 Cards Available!

Announcing Stock of our QTB DB-25 to RJ-45 Adapters!
Both genders of ‘Tascam’ D-Sub are available, with 4-40 Captive Screws and Nuts.
AES72-Type 4E follows the wiring method originally used with WBS and QTP development.

Quickly convert a ‘Tascam’ AES-59 D-Sub connector to 2x RJ-45 and Cat5e/6 cabling.
Double PCB Base shrouds all exposed solder connections, eliminating any potential shorts when not used on Racked Components.
Available through Catherine North Electronics – one of the original testing spaces where QTP was used.

Quad Twisted Pair DSub (F) to RJ45 Adapter, AES72-4E to AES-59Quad Twisted Pair DSub (F) to RJ45 Adapter, AES72-4E to AES-59Quad Twisted Pair DSub (M) to RJ45 Adapter, AES72-4E to AES-59Quad Twisted Pair DSub (M) to RJ45 Adapter, AES72-4E to AES-59





Problems of Assigning Channels Based on Color alone

The need for 8p8c to 8p8c connectivity is of the utmost importance.
Second to is the “field breakouts”.  The colour plays a huge part.
I’ve been noticing more and more breakout tails entering the market, so it needs addressing.  We cannot use the 25 pair or TIA colour codes to determine the channels.
For the field, I would expect a simple visual inspection to influence deployment decisions.  Looking at the solid colours to determine the channel order.  Below is an image that has been the result of many conversations.  An observation I’d like to present:  If you look at RJ45 connectors the solid colours are visible. The order of the solid colour should dictate the channel order. Pair three in both cases is split around pair 2.  Pins of multiples of 2 are considered “Hot”.  QTP-B is based on the TIA-B wiring scheme. 
This is where a lot of QTP development started.  How to terminate this twisted 3M ribbon cable to an RJ45 Jack.  Since it would not fit and CAT cable is everywhere…

AES X246 at AES145

We’re having some fun at AES & NAB New York next week! In support and promotion of AES X246. Ward-Beck is having a ‘Poker Run’ for all who’s interested in winning WBS prize packs.

Pick up a playing card at friends of WBS booths, and make your best 5 card hand. It will be 5 card stud rules, and best two hands by 2pm on October 19th wins.

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