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AES59 to AES72 Adapters – QTP – D-Sub to RJ45 Cards Available!

Announcing Stock of our QTB DB-25 to RJ-45 Adapters!
Both genders of ‘Tascam’ D-Sub are available, with 4-40 Captive Screws and Nuts.
AES72-Type 4E follows the wiring method originally used with WBS and QTP development.

Quickly convert a ‘Tascam’ AES-59 D-Sub connector to 2x RJ-45 and Cat5e/6 cabling.
Double PCB Base shrouds all exposed solder connections, eliminating any potential shorts when not used on Racked Components.
Available through Catherine North Electronics – one of the original testing spaces where QTP was used.

Quad Twisted Pair DSub (F) to RJ45 Adapter, AES72-4E to AES-59Quad Twisted Pair DSub (F) to RJ45 Adapter, AES72-4E to AES-59Quad Twisted Pair DSub (M) to RJ45 Adapter, AES72-4E to AES-59Quad Twisted Pair DSub (M) to RJ45 Adapter, AES72-4E to AES-59





Making a QTP patching system using DB25 patchbays

Dual row, 24 Channel by 24 Channel
DB25 to DB25 patchbay wiring price:
(12)  QTP-DB25M              $12.04    = $144.48
(24) CAT6-10-Green         $7.80      =  $187.20
6 cable  price: $331.58   

Checking the spacing fit for QTP-DB25M adapters.

IMG_6285 IMG_6291 IMG_6294 IMG_6299 IMG_6301 IMG_6303 IMG_6307 IMG_6319Not a single problem detected.  With all signals balanced and power on two different phases, no measurable induced noise detected.

Ask us about Bit-Tree patchbays

QTP DB25 Pin out standards

I had an integrator call today asking what the compatible pin outs of the QTP-DB25 adapters were .

QTP-DB25M and QTP-DB25M use the Tascam DB25 Pinout.
Channels 1-4 terminate to one RJ45 and 5-8 to the other. 

QTP-DB25F - Face 3:4Screenshot 2015-05-05 14.25.00QTP-DB25F - Face 3:4

If you are using AES in and out the pin out is identical.
CH 1-4 are IN 1-4  and CH 5-8 are OUTPUT 5-8 Tascam1

The Third Compatible pin out is the Yamaha AES pin out.  The QTP-DB25Y is only available in a male DB25 connector.  The IN the first RJ45 and OUT the second.

All the RJ 45 connectors terminate to the TIA -B standard and use the following pair and polarity designation
Screen Shot 2015-03-14 at 10.10.47 AM

April Fools are paying 4 times the price.

QTP – DB25

QTP-DB25M               Male
QTP-DB25M - Face 3:4
QTP-DB25M+             Male + Shield
QTP-DB25F                 Female
QTP-DB25F - Face 3:4
QTP-DB25Y                 Yamaha Male
QTP-WBS                    WBS-High Density Breakout  – TBA NAB-2015


QTP-BOB-XLR-F           Female

QTP-BOB-XLR-M         Male
QTP-BOB-XLR-FM       Female / Male

QTP-BOB-XLR-MF       Male / Female
QTP-BOB-BNC             AES / SPDIF
QTP-BOB-BNC10         AES / SPDIF w/ 10dB pad


QTP-XX-*-XLR-F           Female
QTP-XX-*-XLR-M         Male4-1QTP-5-2-M 

QTP-XX-*-XLR-FM       Female / Male
QTP-XX-*-XLR-MF       Male / Female

2-2QTP-XX-*-PHNX           PHOENIX

3-1QTP-XX-*-TRS              Tip Ring Sleeve

QTP-XX-* -U                 User-terminated
XX = Cable Length (ft)   3, 5, 15, 30
*  = Tail Length (ft) 1, 2, 3, 4

QTP – Kits

QTP-CAT6-KEY              Keystone Termination
QTP-HSK-1                    1’ Heat Shrink Kit
QTP-HSK-2                    2’ Heat Shrink Kit


QPNL-3-DB25               2RU ¼ Panel
QPNL-4-DB25               2RU ¼ Panel